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Decorative concrete adds aesthetic enhancement to the structural properties of patios, driveways, sidewalks, and floors. Additionally, the process is often used to add visual appeal to foundations and walls.

Regular concrete can become decorative by applying special materials either during the initial pour or after the concrete has cured. A variety of decorative results can be achieved, including stamped concrete, acid staining, concrete overlays, and more. Depending on your application and desired effect, the installation techniques will vary.

(Creative Concrete Design has been beautifying homes and businesses in the St. Louis area since 2003. Part of our process is to determine the best application and methods for your project and your desired results. You can review our photo gallery for ideas, or email us other photos you have found online. From there, we can design a plan using the most cost effective application techniques and top quality materials.)

  • Stamped concrete adds color and texture to resemble brick, stone, cobblestone, wood, and so on. Before the concrete hardens, decorative molds are pressed into the surface, thereby “stamping” the texture in. Color is added using various materials and processes to achieve the desired effect. The results are simply amazing. The durability is exceptional. The cost makes it affordable.
  • Acid Staining can generate natural-looking earth-tones in finished concrete projects. The process involves applying acid to the project surface. The acid reacts to minerals in the concrete, bringing out the desired color. Materials and techniques will vary depending on the unique factors of your concrete.
  •  Concrete Overlays are quite popular. The basic process involves applying a top coating of modified polymer resin to the concrete surface. They are extremely durable–more durable than concrete, in fact. Check out our FAQ page for specific questions on the benefits of concrete overlays.

(Creative Concrete Designs has specialized in concrete overlays since 2003. Many of the projects showcased in our photo gallery feature decorative concrete overlays that we have installed in St. Louis and surrounding areas. We are happy to travel to such areas as Wildwood, Kirkwood, Ballwin, Manchester, Chesterfield, Webster Groves, West County and South County. Feel free to call us about other areas as well. If you want the best, we can probably work out additional travel costs.)

In summary, the transformation of regular concrete into decorative concrete will greatly improve the aesthetics of your home or business. It has also proven to be an effective means of increasing your property’s resale value. I hope this gives you enough information about decorative concrete to make a wise investment decision.

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Conventional concrete is 2500-4000 psi, where overlays are 5500-7500 psi (more than twice the strength of regular concrete). The result is a beautiful elegant permanent bond on your existing surface.


After Polymer Overlay

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