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 Are overlays  stronger and more durable than concrete?

Yes, conventional concrete is 2500-4000 psi , where overlays are 5500-7500 psi (more than twice the strength of regular concrete). The result is a beautiful elegant permanent bond on your existing surface. Of course with any overlays, the strength is due to thickness, preparation and proper sealing.

Will the value of my home or commercial property increase?

Yes, Improved aesthetics and functionality are key elements in today’s market and our decorative surface texture overlay will definitely improve any home or project, adding significant economic and aesthetic value. Also if your home is on the market “curb appeal” with overlays will help your circumstance.



Do I have unlimited design and color options?

Yes, unlimited possibilities of shape , surface texture, and color combinations in slate, tile, cobble stone, flagstone, brick designs, logo’s and much more.  With some companies such as Creative Concrete Design, all shapes and sizes are done freehand so the styles are as vast as your imagination.


Can I match my existing color scheme?

We have unlimited color combinations.  Our concrete textures start with many standard colors that are mixed to develop any desired color. Houses are generally “earth tones”, our colors are designed to accent your surroundings.


Are overlays slip resistant?

Yes, Creative Concrete Design overlays are slip resistant. We modify the surface with special additives to our sealers. Concrete overlays need to be sealed, but with the correct applications, slickness is obsolete.


Creative Concrete Design overlays look so expensive, are they affordable?

Yes, pricing varies for each project, however our concrete surface textures are less expensive than conventional flooring or newly poured concrete. You have more control of the pattern, texture, color and overall appearance of a decorate overlay.  Overlays are almost always less expensive than concrete replacement. Please feel free to ask for a free estimate.


Where have overlays been installed before?

Our system has been installed and specified for a wide range of customers to include basements, driveways, porches, patios, sidewalks, steps in private dwellings as well as hotels, automobile dealerships, restaurants, gas stations, private clubs such as the elks and in Busch stadium shops as well. Please feel free to ask Creative Concrete Design for references. We are also Grade “A” rated by the BBB.


Can I have my existing stone or my concrete driveway sealed to look better and stop deterioration?

Yes, our industrial sealers will protect your existing stonework or driveways from harmful elements and provide luster to bring out the natural look or colors back to life. All concrete should be caulked and sealed to keep your project looking great for years to come. Creative Concrete Design always applies 2 coats of sealer.


I have a sidewalk and driveway that is not level can you fix the problem?

Yes, we utilize leveler products specified up to 4″ thick. This process helps in drainage and overall aesthetics. Sometimes if the problem is to sever Creative Concrete Design will suggest replacement, but in most cases can be modified.


Can existing cracks be repaired with the overlay?

Yes, Creative Concrete Design grinds or chips out all major cracks and fills them with epoxy or polymer filler before the overlay begins. Once the overlay is applied, 2 applications of sealer is added to ensure rain and harmful weather is blocked out.


Are overlays thin in thickness?

Yes, overlays are only 1/16″ to 1/2″ as a standard, thicker applications applied only to level. Overlays are so strong a thin layer is only required. Standard care for your project will keep it looking great for years to come.


Are overlays easy to clean?

Yes , overlays are very easy to clean. Most cases a regular broom and a garden hose works wonders. Some people overkill with power-washers which is not usually needed.

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